Moving again

29 07 2014

I’ve moved again – (not that I’m not still friendly, it’s just a shorter URL). I’m taking on a reading challenge – 1 book/week (maybe more, but I’m committing to this) and blogging there.


Moving . . .

28 07 2011

Since I haven’t been a great blogger, I’m going to try my hand at being a tumblr. I’m hoping the shorter format will make it easier for me to share thoughts, photos, etc.

You can check out my newer, shorter blog at Content coming soon.

Video Tutorials

12 10 2009

I’m going to teach a workshop in November for GSLIS Continuing Education about video tutorials.  It’s a workshop for librarians currently in the field to learn about how they can incorporate screencasting into their libraries.  I started using Captivate to create video tutorials for the library as part of a project to create a competency test for blended learning students.  Since then, I’ve been creating tutorials for different purposes – how to book a group study room, advertising the library, an overview of the library website, and an in class tutorial that we used in the first year program.  Let me know if you want to see any of the tutorials I’ve created and I can pass them along.

Captivate has been super easy to use, once I got over the initial hump of the learning curve on the first tutorial.  I’ve helped people on staff learn to use Captivate and presented on screencasting to a committee.  I’ve never taught a one day workshop before (and especially one that people have paid for) so we will see how it goes.  My supervisor will be co-teaching this with me and he’s taught these workshops before so it should be okay (I hope).   But right now I’m designing the session (and using Moodle for the course – which is new to me) and hoping it all goes alright.


12 10 2009

I’m setting up this blog for musings on the way people find (or don’t find) the information that they need.  I’ve never successfully blogged before but if I’m blogging with a purpose, this might be that start of a beautiful friendship.