Google Wave?

4 11 2009

A few weeks ago, I received an invite to Google Wave, which by Google’s description is what email would be if it were invented today.  I’ve waved with a few folks, watched the two minute video about it, and yet, I’m still not sold.  I’m still not sure exactly what I would use it for.  Google even provides suggestions for how to use Wave, like organizing events and group projects, but it requires everyone involved to have both a Google account and a Wave account.   There’s even been hub bub in higher ed about Wave as a replacement for Content Management Systems (CMS).

I would love to find a use for it in my life, work or otherwise.  At the library, the collaboration tool that we use most frequently is a wiki (I’ve linked to the Wikipedia definition of wiki here which is so meta – love it).  We collaborate behind the scenes but the look we present to the user is (hopefully) seamless.  We don’t want our users to see whose hands were on what.  In my mind, everything should look the same and present the same to the user, but we can see who did what behind the scenes.

The thing that I do love about Google Wave, and about Google in general, is how it forces others to keep up and innovate.  PBWorks, formerly PBWiki, recently announced that they were going to have real time collaboration in their wiki.  As Google CEO Eric Schmidt says Google is “a disrupter,” (RT @NiemanLab)  I’ve used PBWorks before with ease and might have to add Google Wave to my instructional technologies list, which is on the PBWorks platform.

As more people get invitations to Google Wave, I hope to find a purpose for it.  In fact, the other night I traded a Wave invite for something I did really want – a Google Voice invite (which I will blog about soon).  I’ve been trying to publicize my blog more, and in the spirit of that trade, I would like to offer an invitation for Google Wave to anyone who:

  1. links to this blog
  2. facebooks this blog
  3. tweets this blog

If you do any/all of these things, leave me a comment on the blog to let me know. I have 13 invitations left.  If more people link, fb or tweet than I have invites for, I will raffle them instead.  Also, if you have an interesting idea for using Google Wave, especially in libraries, leave a comment on that also because I would love any suggestions or innovative ideas that people have for this service.




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4 11 2009
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4 11 2009

Me again. I think linking to you from my blog would be silly. BUT I can take a nice photo (if you want something new) if you’d like.

4 11 2009

A new photo would be lovely. Would you want a Wave invite?

7 11 2009

Invite me too!

7 11 2009

Did you promote my blog on fb, twitter, etc?

5 11 2009
Dan W

I could totally appreciate a Wave account.

7 11 2009
Dan W

Yeah, I assumed the above link would work for you. If you look at my links on Facebook, it should show up. Let me know if you still can’t find it.

7 11 2009

I saw that you did, Dan. Thanks. I sent an invitation and it should come shortly. That comment was actually meant for Paras, who asked for one also.

8 11 2009

I am confused… if only we had a Wave!

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