You can check books out from there?

21 10 2009

Since Glee is on tonight, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss my favorite moment from Glee so far (especially since I didn’t have a blog when it aired).  The library moment came when Finn, the football player-singer, is talking to his teacher, Mr. Shuester, about how he needs a football scholarship and that dance could loosen up the team.  Finn shows the teacher a book and says:

Check this out. I got this at the school library. Did you know you can just borrow books from there? All of ’em, except for the encyclopedias.

After seeing this episode, I immediately tweeted this quote.  It’s fantastic because: it’s a shout out to libraries on a popular television show and it’s accurate about what students can get from their libraries.

Of course, it’s not comprehensively everything that libraries offer.  There is a tension between letting students know everything their library has to offer and point of need instruction.  How can libraries be student centered, but still let students know what the materials and services offered, without overwhelming them?  Some students want to know as much as they can up front while others only want what they need when they need it.  Libraries need to provide both – have the information for those who want it and let the others know what they can contact us for and how.

What do you think though – as students, as librarians, as general upstanding citizens – has your library struck that balance?  Do you want more or less information from your library?  Do you know the materials and services they offer?  Do they provide the right services and materials?

I highly recommend the show so I’ve embedded it here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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21 10 2009

I saw that episode and fell out of my chair! Good time to be a librarian…good times…

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