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14 10 2009

With a software engineer for a spouse  and as an almost programmer myself, I’ve been fairly tied into “geek” culture.  One of my favorite things is xkcd* and I would encourage all librarians to read it.   The main themes of this webcomic are math and computer science jokes (the tagline for the comic is the title of this post).  Librarians who can understand the lingo will really enjoy it because the themes of math and computer science are often applicable to library science.  Librarians who don’t speak xkcd should try to “grok it”** because it is an easy way to learn to speak geek and sound in the know without taking a CS class.  And it’s just a really funny comic.

* See here for the xkcd book,  If you read the webcomic online, be sure to roll your mouse over the comic for easter eggs.

** First used in “Stranger in a Strange Land” – to understand thoroughly and intuitively




3 responses

15 10 2009
your spouse

you should use roll-over definitions 🙂

17 10 2009

How cool would it be if people had alt tags? You could point at them and find out more info. In fact, how cool would it be if you could query someone and then one of those spinny diamonds pops up over their heads so you can find them easier.

1 11 2009

But didn’t anyone ever tell you – it’s not polite to point.

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